FMEModules’s PrestaShop Bulk Product Price Update Module

Do you need bulk price product update? This is too difficult if you have hundreds of product in your store. To do this task, FMEModules’s PrestaShop Bulk Product Price Update module is best helper. It allows to select the product categories and then go for updating them in few clicks. You have facility to update unit price, wholesale price or retail price.
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Private Shop for Prestashop

Private Shop for Prestashop Module is a tool to place a check on the entrance of your website. It helps to show a login form on the entrance. If there is already registered customers, they just need to login but in the case, if a visitor is not registered, he have to click on the signup form and fill in the registration form. When customer click on the next button after filling the form, an email will be sent to the admin who will approve or disapprove the registration.

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PrestaShop hide shop

What Makes the Perfect Mobile Checkout Page?

Mobile phones have become an important part of everyday lives. They are the epitome of human engineering in one compressed device. Not only do they allow us to communicate all over the world, they can be used to connect to the internet for online shopping.

There has been a sharp increase in the number of mobile customers in the past few years. Such has been their numbers that it is important to consider mobile users whenever designing a checkout page. Optimizing the page to best serve their devices is essential to convert mobile leads into sales.

Why should mobile users be considered separately?

According to different surveys, 71 to 81 percent customers prefer using mobile checkouts for online sales. Considering how adaptable and portable mobiles are, it is easy to see why customers choose to purchase through them when on the move.

Mobile users are fast about their business and if handled correctly, they purchase products relatively quick. This makes them valuable leads because they are guaranteed to purchase with the right tactics.

With technology shifting every day, users are getting more and more dependent on mobiles and usually switch to mobiles if they have to make an online purchase because they are interactive platforms and many sites have optimized themselves to serve them.

5 Factors that make the best Mobile Checkout

So what is the perfect Mobile Checkout Page made up of? To get a good understanding, let us take a look at the factors that contribute towards an impressive mobile checkout.

One of the most important factors is the simplification of the checkout process by replacing multiple checkout pages with a single step, for which, we recommend PrestaShop One Page Checkout module. It allows the customers to fill the details at once and save their valuable time.

Let us take a look at some of the most critical aspect that constitutes a customer friendly and successful checkout page:

1.     Keep relevant information

Most checkout pages have a host of unwanted information and unrelated issues on them. This puts off a customer whole prime goal is to purchase product with ease. The PrestaShop One Step checkout solves this issue by keeping required information to a bare minimum and supplying the customer with a smooth, unhindered experience.

Customers are 30 percent more likely to result in Cart abandonment if their experience in sharing information is not well taken care of. Fields such as these are prime examples of how checkout pages are ruined:

  • 2nd addresses
  • 2nd telephone numbers
  • Separate field for same category of data e.g. first, middle and last name.

Interactive and adaptable checkouts such as PrestaShop One Step Checkout are designed to counter such redundancy. They combine such data under one field when presenting such as a single address, contact number, etc. This permits presentation of only necessary fields which the customers highly appreciate.

2.     Remove necessity for Account Creation

What is the biggest turn off for customers? Once they have successfully entered all information in checkout page, the site prompts them to create a separate account to continue purchase. 83 percent customers bluntly stated that they were not only forced to abandon cart but were never again going to return to the site to purchase product.

Having a smart checkout page is critical to avoid such mistakes. PrestaShop One Page Checkout is revolutionary in this sense, since it simply links existing social media accounts with the individual purchasing product. Not only this, but it promotes business because it allows customers to leave positive feedback and reviews about the site on their accounts.

3.     Let the Online Transaction Services do their thing

It has grown to be an old and redundant habit to ask for addresses and financial history from customers to initiate sale. Instead of relying on these old methods, simply allow Google Wallet, PayPal and Amazon to directly handle requests to minimize hassle.

PrestaShop One Page checkout functions in the same way, skipping the lengthy process of personally taking information and then sending it to service providers. The client is simply directed towards the service providers to whom they give information. Not only does it boost customer confidence to give their private data to those organizations they initially shared it with but it streamlines the overall process and speed as well.

4.     Security that your customer needs

Checkout pages store some very sensitive information which if stolen can jeopardize the lives of customers and a singular data theft can bring entire organizations to their knees. Keeping in mind such, it is important to reassure the customer that the private data (name, address, credit card numbers, pins) are all being transferred to a safe location and will be unreachable by cyber criminals.

A good way to convince is to display satisfied organizations, various security certificates and encryption strengths so that even layman customers can understand that the organizations is a trustworthy one.

By choosing to directly call in service providers to take information, phishing attacks are avoided and encryption levels are increased as these sites take serious care of customer data.

5.     Optimize loading speed

It doesn’t matter if you have a well-designed site if it takes ages for it to load. Statistically, 74 percent visitors will abandon site if it takes more than 5 seconds for it to load. It gets more complicated at the checkout, where customers are more cautious about sites that take too long to load.

PrestaShop One Page checkout is lightweight and designed keeping in mind optimum performance and efficiency, which makes it highly versatile for such matters. The One Step format eliminates loading entirely for new pages, securing the deal in one go. This makes it perfect for fast paced mobile applications.

6.     Choose One Page Checkout for best results

Having the right shopping cart such as PrestaShop One Page checkout is the key to conversions. Having leads turn into customers and clientele can only be achieved by facilitating the checkout process so that they are able to purchase product with ease and efficiency. The right shopping cart can boost online webpage businesses and generate profits and at the same time enhance customer shopping experience, guaranteeing they will be back to purchase again.

Author Bio: Alastair Brian writer from “FMEModules” – a brand well known for top of the line reliable PrestaShop Add-ons, themes, extensions and services. Follow him on TwitterLinkedIn.

How to Use PrestaShop Related Product Module by FMEModules? – User Guide

Upselling and cross selling of products is a great tactic used by most of the merchants. It is the successful way of increasing sales using the simple rules of related/cross products. When it comes to related products idea, it is like giving more exposure to your product at the cart page. It increases the chance of sales in the way that customer may like a similar product also on the product detail page. Hence it will bring an added sale along with the original one.

How to Show Related Product on Product Detail Page in PrestaShop?

Cross Sell & Up Sell module by FME for PrestaShop is a great plugin that helps to show related products on product detail page. It allows the merchants to show products in a systematic way that will help to attract the customers.

Give below the tutorial to use this related products PrestaShop module;

Step 1: Go to the backend demo and enter the credentials as given on the demo page.

account login

Step 2: Go to the CATALOG>Products which you take you to a page, where you can see all products of your store.

all products

Step 3: Click on any product for which you want to associate related products.

Select Product

Step 4: On the product settings page, go to the related product section and in the search box, type initial words for products that you want to relate with that product. For example we added here Printed Summer Dress and click on save button. After saving, you will see that product in related product list.

associate product


Now go to the frontend demo, where you can see the product that you have associated from the backend.



PrestaShop related products module is a great app in PrestaShop that gives an extended functionality to the merchants to avail more features in their store and as a result get more sales. For more detail about this product, feel free to visit our website.

Shipping label

How to Use PrestaShop Print Label Extension by FMEModules – User Guide

One of our client Jason Reddy runs an online PrestaShop electronics stores in Austin. He started his store about one year ago. Until now he was processing his orders with manual printing of shipping labels. But with increasing number of orders about 30 to 50/day, it has become a headache for him to print labels manually one by one. He came to us so that we help him to print orders automatically.

Shipping label

Understanding the problem of him, we developed PrestaShop print label module for him and now he is able to print labels in minutes. Now, he has to go to each order from the order page and print label for all of them in one click.

This plug-in is useful for those PrestaShop users who process a lot of order in one day and want to cut short the time of printing labels. You can see more features of this plug-in here.

How to Use PrestaShop Print Label Extension by FMEModules?

Backend Demo

Step 1: Go to backend demo of this Print Shipping Labels PrestaShop Module and fill in credentials as given in at the demo page.

account login

Step 2: Go to ORDERS>orders and where you can see all the orders placed on your store.

all orders

Step 3: Select any of the order for which you want to print label. This will take you to the order detail page.

Print label

Step 4: Click on the print label button and fill in the necessary fields as shown in figure. Select size of label like big or small, change order status.

print label

Step 5: Click on generate button that will make your label ready to print. You can save this order slip as pdf for further use or print at the time.

order sample

General Settings: To enable/disable module and other options, go to MODULES>modules and search for print label pro module by FME Modules, click on arrow for different options.

General Settings


Video Guide

Now it is become easier for PrestaShop merchants to save a lot of time which they have to consume in printing label task before. For any other query about PrestaShop Print Labels Pro Module, feel free to contact us.

How to Use Custom Registration Fields Creator Module by FMEModules? – User Guide

Customer’s registration form in PrestaShop should be simple and short because this is the point from where clients take a decision to enter into a shop or just leave. It is wise decision to require only the necessary information from them. At this point, you should know that which fields are beneficial for you in future to make strong customer base and to make your business plans successful.

How to Create New fields?

When it comes to getting desired information, you should create extra fields on signup page. There is no direct option to make these fields. In this case, Custom Registration Fields Creator Module by FMEModules is most reliable solution to create fields like Text Field, Text Area, Date, Message Only, Drop Down, Multiple Select, Yes/No, and Radio/check box fields. Given below the user guide to create these fields on customer signup page using User Registration Extension for PrestaShop;

How to Use Custom Registration Fields Creator Module by FMEModules?

Backend Demo Step 1: Go to backend demo of this module and fill credentials of your store. account login Step 2: Go to REGISTRATION FIELDS>Manage Registration Fields. prime Step 3: From this page, you will be shown already existing fields along with the option to create new field. As an example, let’s create a field “Favorite Modules”. For this click on the + button and fill the necessary fields like Field name, field type, field options, field position and click on save. This can be seen in the image. new fields create Now go the frontend demo, and provide any demo email id and click on “create an account”. From the opened signup page, you will see the newly create field as shown in figure. new fileds


You can create all type of fields using this PrestaShop add new field registration which is awesome module by FMEModules.

How to Use Custom Checkout Fields Creator Module by FMEModules? – User Guide

Extra information of customers can be used for running promotion campaign, getting customers feedback or to conduct a survey about your products. For example, you can ask home address of customers and send gifts cards at their birthdays. In some cases, it is the need of the merchants to get some extra information from customers like to ask how many employees you have, or how many store you run?

What is the best place to get Extra information of the customers?

Now question arises in mind, that what is the best place to get such information? This is probably the place where you interact with the customers. It should be checkout page of your website because normally customers fill content of this page carefully. In this way, just create some extra fields at checkout page of the web-store and all will be done.

How to create extra fields at checkout page?

When it comes to PrestaShop checkout, admin can’t create his desired fields. To create extra fields, use the Additional basket Fields extension by FME for PrestaShop that is quite helpful to make any type of field at checkout like text field, text area, date, yes/no, multi-select, drop-down, checkbox, radio button, and message only.

How to Use Custom Checkout Fields Creator Module by FMEModules?

Given below the guide to use this plugin on PrestaShop your store;

Backend Demo

Step 1: Go to backend demo of PrestaShop order attributes module, fill in the credentials and sign in.

account login

Step 2: From the dashboard, Click on CUSTOM FIELDS that will take you the page from where you can create a new field or edit an old one.

custom fields

Step 3: Click on + button to create a new fields. For example, we created here a date fields with name “Date of First Visit”. Fill the necessary fields and click on save. See figure for more information.

Date Field

Step 4: After the field creation, you can see this newly created field from the list.

Date of First

Go to the frontend demo of this PrestaShop checkout fields module, where you can see the newly created field.

Date of Fist Visit

You can create other fields in a similar fashion.

General Module Settings

To enable or disable module, go to dashboard and Click on MODULES>modules and search for custom fields by FMM Modules. Click the error for accessing different options.



PrestaShop checkout fields’ plugin provides the easiest way to create all type of fields on checkout page. If you have any question about this module, feel free to comment below or directly contact us on our website and we will provide you best answer.