Use of Product Tabs in Web Designing: Best Practices and Solution

Have you seen multiple panes on product pages of different stores? These panes are used to show a variety of content in a compact manner. For example, when you go for downloading WordPress SEO yoast, you will see panes like product testimonial, faq,video, reviews tab etc., these are the best example of product tabs.

Another example of such extra information tabs is FMEModules Product pages where each module detail is organized in separate tab as can be seen in the below image.


Why to Use Product Tabs?

Extra Product tabs are quite beneficial for ecommerce store. For example, PrestaShop stores can add new product tabs to increase sales. Now you will be thinking of that how product tabs increases sales. The answer is that product tabs is the most effective step towards giving best shopping experience to the customers.

  • Customers feel it easy to find their required information by clicking on related tab.
  • It makes the layout of product page really simple.
  • Visitors have no need for scrolling through the page.
  • One can show lot of information in compact way.
  • Making use of AJAX help to reduce loading time of page.

How to Create Product Tabs?

The way you create tabs for various shopping cart is different. Taking PrestaShop as an example, by default it does not allow creation of product tabs but you can create them easily by modifying the source code or by using some plugin. For simplicity, I am suggesting you a product tabs plugin, by the use of which unlimited tabs can be created in short time, thus saving you from complexity and effort.

Best Practices for Creating Product tabs

Given below some of the best practices that you can use to get maximum advantage of product tabs.

  1. Highlight the active tab

When visitors click on a tab, it should be clearly distinguishable from the other tabs. Use suitable color contrast to separate active and non active tabs.

  1. Single Row Tabs

Use single row tab on product pages of your stores, multiple rows can confuse the visitor to search through related information.

  1. Use Short Labels

Use short labels for the tab, long labels may confuse the customer and also long labels create lengthy tab row. Also labels should be logically related to the actual product.

  1. No Page Reloads

Make use of AJAX to avoid frequent page reloads when viewer clicks on the next tab.

  1. Fast Browsing

For fast browsing experience, use simple HTML followed by JavaScript and CSS.

  1. Keyboard Navigation

Make the tabs navigation easy by allowing the viewers to move to different tabs using arrow keys.

  1. Small images with Tab label

Use small images with the tab labels so that customers can understand the purpose of each tab.

  1. Animation Use

Make use of animations which can be experience by the visitors when they move to the next tab. Hopefully, you will be clear about using tabs on your PrestaShop store. It is the easiest way to increase sales and to decrease bounce rate of the website.