What Makes the Perfect Mobile Checkout Page?

Mobile phones have become an important part of everyday lives. They are the epitome of human engineering in one compressed device. Not only do they allow us to communicate all over the world, they can be used to connect to the internet for online shopping.

There has been a sharp increase in the number of mobile customers in the past few years. Such has been their numbers that it is important to consider mobile users whenever designing a checkout page. Optimizing the page to best serve their devices is essential to convert mobile leads into sales.

Why should mobile users be considered separately?

According to different surveys, 71 to 81 percent customers prefer using mobile checkouts for online sales. Considering how adaptable and portable mobiles are, it is easy to see why customers choose to purchase through them when on the move.

Mobile users are fast about their business and if handled correctly, they purchase products relatively quick. This makes them valuable leads because they are guaranteed to purchase with the right tactics.

With technology shifting every day, users are getting more and more dependent on mobiles and usually switch to mobiles if they have to make an online purchase because they are interactive platforms and many sites have optimized themselves to serve them.

5 Factors that make the best Mobile Checkout

So what is the perfect Mobile Checkout Page made up of? To get a good understanding, let us take a look at the factors that contribute towards an impressive mobile checkout.

One of the most important factors is the simplification of the checkout process by replacing multiple checkout pages with a single step, for which, we recommend PrestaShop One Page Checkout module. It allows the customers to fill the details at once and save their valuable time.

Let us take a look at some of the most critical aspect that constitutes a customer friendly and successful checkout page:

1.     Keep relevant information

Most checkout pages have a host of unwanted information and unrelated issues on them. This puts off a customer whole prime goal is to purchase product with ease. The PrestaShop One Step checkout solves this issue by keeping required information to a bare minimum and supplying the customer with a smooth, unhindered experience.

Customers are 30 percent more likely to result in Cart abandonment if their experience in sharing information is not well taken care of. Fields such as these are prime examples of how checkout pages are ruined:

  • 2nd addresses
  • 2nd telephone numbers
  • Separate field for same category of data e.g. first, middle and last name.

Interactive and adaptable checkouts such as PrestaShop One Step Checkout are designed to counter such redundancy. They combine such data under one field when presenting such as a single address, contact number, etc. This permits presentation of only necessary fields which the customers highly appreciate.

2.     Remove necessity for Account Creation

What is the biggest turn off for customers? Once they have successfully entered all information in checkout page, the site prompts them to create a separate account to continue purchase. 83 percent customers bluntly stated that they were not only forced to abandon cart but were never again going to return to the site to purchase product.

Having a smart checkout page is critical to avoid such mistakes. PrestaShop One Page Checkout is revolutionary in this sense, since it simply links existing social media accounts with the individual purchasing product. Not only this, but it promotes business because it allows customers to leave positive feedback and reviews about the site on their accounts.

3.     Let the Online Transaction Services do their thing

It has grown to be an old and redundant habit to ask for addresses and financial history from customers to initiate sale. Instead of relying on these old methods, simply allow Google Wallet, PayPal and Amazon to directly handle requests to minimize hassle.

PrestaShop One Page checkout functions in the same way, skipping the lengthy process of personally taking information and then sending it to service providers. The client is simply directed towards the service providers to whom they give information. Not only does it boost customer confidence to give their private data to those organizations they initially shared it with but it streamlines the overall process and speed as well.

4.     Security that your customer needs

Checkout pages store some very sensitive information which if stolen can jeopardize the lives of customers and a singular data theft can bring entire organizations to their knees. Keeping in mind such, it is important to reassure the customer that the private data (name, address, credit card numbers, pins) are all being transferred to a safe location and will be unreachable by cyber criminals.

A good way to convince is to display satisfied organizations, various security certificates and encryption strengths so that even layman customers can understand that the organizations is a trustworthy one.

By choosing to directly call in service providers to take information, phishing attacks are avoided and encryption levels are increased as these sites take serious care of customer data.

5.     Optimize loading speed

It doesn’t matter if you have a well-designed site if it takes ages for it to load. Statistically, 74 percent visitors will abandon site if it takes more than 5 seconds for it to load. It gets more complicated at the checkout, where customers are more cautious about sites that take too long to load.

PrestaShop One Page checkout is lightweight and designed keeping in mind optimum performance and efficiency, which makes it highly versatile for such matters. The One Step format eliminates loading entirely for new pages, securing the deal in one go. This makes it perfect for fast paced mobile applications.

6.     Choose One Page Checkout for best results

Having the right shopping cart such as PrestaShop One Page checkout is the key to conversions. Having leads turn into customers and clientele can only be achieved by facilitating the checkout process so that they are able to purchase product with ease and efficiency. The right shopping cart can boost online webpage businesses and generate profits and at the same time enhance customer shopping experience, guaranteeing they will be back to purchase again.

Author Bio: Alastair Brian writer from “FMEModules” – a brand well known for top of the line reliable PrestaShop Add-ons, themes, extensions and services. Follow him on TwitterLinkedIn.