How to Calculate Prices of Variable Sized Products in PrestaShop? – User Guide

One of our client David Milosz who sells liquids, canvas, banners, fabric, blinds, barrels etc on his PrestaShop store came to us with the problem that his clients call him to know the prices of products. It was quite a big headache for him to deal with them all.

This was a real problem since there is no direct way to show prices of variable sized products as they vary with changing dimensions heights, length, width etc. He was hiding the price of product and adds to cart button using call for price plugin and in place he was displaying a custom text “Call for Price at 1234”. Whenever users want to buy anything, they call to him to know the prices for different sizes of the products.

call for price

Solution to Calculate Prices of Variable Sized Products

We decided to address this problem and developed a CSV pricing extension for him which has made the pricing calculation really simple. All he needs to make a csv file comprising of different sized combinations. He then uploaded the file with his products and now when a customer enters a length and width, system scans the csv file combination and displays it on front page within seconds.

Given below a quick user guide to know that how this canvas pricing PrestaShop works;

User Guide

Step 1: Create a new csv file contains different combination of length and widths according to your need.

PrestaShop csv pricing

Step 2: After installation of this module, go to dashboard and then Go to CSV Pricing Menu in left column.

PrestaShop csv pricing

Step 3: Click on + button to upload csv file which will open a window to upload csv file.

PrestaShop csv pricing

Step 4: From the same window, go to Product from where you can associate csv file with products.

PrestaShop csv pricing

General Settings

At the store backend, go to MODULES>Modules and search for CSV Pricing by FMEModules. Click on configure button.

PrestaShop csv pricing

From the configuration window you can enable/disable module, select method of drop down/text box. Set the labels for column and rows at front end.

PrestaShop csv pricing

How to Test the blind pricing PrestaShop Module?

Make a new csv file, upload it from the store backend, associate the file with products and then look at the front end of those products where you can see the pricing calculation using CSV file.

csv pricing


PrestaShop barrel pricing module provides you a way to save a lot of your time and energy for dealing the customers. Customers will also fell satisfaction by using this great feature.