Google Webmaster Says Robots.Txt Blocks “/index.php?controller=authentication” which is in the sitemap

The aim of this article is to answer the top five questions asked in Prestashop forum about robots.txt and sitemap.xml. It is one of the most Popular Questions ask in Prestashop Community and other communities.

The robots.txt file generated by using the Prestashop default features contain line which is “Disallow: /*controller=authentication.” and auto generated sitemaps include the controller URL which give birth to a Google error (sitemap contains urls blocked by Robots.txt) which can only be removed by synchronizing both files manually.

Solution # 1 – Remove It from Sitemap and keep it blocked – Recommended

Manually edit sitemap and remove resubmit it after removing controller=authentication URL. This solution is recommended as there are strong reasons justify why PrestaShop by default block this controller URL.

In order to remove it from sitemap follow these steps:

1. Login to your site FTP and download the sitemap.
2. Open it using dreamviewer and edit it manually.
3. Remove all the URLs containing “controller=authentication”.
4. Save the edited sitemap and upload it in the website.
5. Upload the sitemap in FTP using similar sitemap name and replace the existing sitemap if ask.
6. Do not forget to back old sitemap.

Solution # 2 – Remove disallow command from robots.txt

Following are steps to remove this disallow command from robots.txt:

1. Login to your site FTP and download the robots.txt.
2. Open it in notepad edits it manually.
3. Remove Disallow: /*controller=authentication.
4. Save the edited robots.txt upload it in the website.
5. Do not forget to back old robots.txt.
6. Upload and Replace the existing robots.txt file through FTP.

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Why We Need To Hire A PrestaShop Dedicated Developer When Store Can Be Setup Even By an Untaught Merchant?

When we talk about the best e-commerce solution software the favor goes PrestaShop because of its distinct features and small learning curve to get started with it. It has more than 2.5Million downloads and still counting. The latest version 1.5.4 has got more improved functionality and 310+ features. The program is simplified enough to enable e-commerce store owner having less technical know-how to manage all those features and use them according to his store requirements.

Website Developer Prestashop

Beside all these features and ease to use a need of hiring a PrestaShop developer to get started can never be ignored. Here arises a question that why one needs to find a dedicated developer to get started. The answer to that question lies in following benefit of hiring PrestaShop developer:

  1. Customize the default features as per the store requirements
  2. Edit the default theme to have a unique appearance
  3. Developing or installing a completely new template
  4. Get recommendation for Premium Advance Modules
  5. Developing a custom module to fulfill a unique store / merchant requirement
  6. Migration from Magento to PrestaShop or from PrestaShop to any other e-commerce shopping cart
  7. Shipping and payment gateways module development

The competition in e-commerce industry is increasing day by day. The requirements of having unique product, unique appearance and branding has become critical for the success of online store. To make a store look professional and unique requires a dedicated developer with exceptional capabilities.