How To Use Email Newsletters Correctly in PrestaShop Ecommerce?

newslAn effective e-mail newsletters campaign is a fundamental key to make new customers and to retain older ones. Based on Marketing Sherpa’s Benchmark Report 60% of advertising experts watched ROI for Email marketing campaigns.

You might be receiving newsletters of different companies daily in your email. Some of those, you open and read it and some other you neglect. The reason is that you like to read only those letters which target your needs.

It means that newsletters sent to targeted audience are quite helpful for e-merchants. If done correctly, they can bring tons of traffic on your store.

Let’s have a quick insight on newsletters their successful implementation

  • What are newsletters
  • Benefits of Newsletters
  • Newsletter sending in PrestaShop Ecommerce
  • Conclusion


Useful Resources

PrestaShop Newsletter Block is quite helpful to setup email newsletter system.


What are newsletters?

According to Wikipedia definition “A newsletter is a regularly distributed publication that is generally about one main topic of interest to its subscribers.”

Benefits of Newsletters

Newsletters are a good technique to keep your clients updated about your store. They provide you a way to promote your sales offers, discount coupons or even introduce new products in front of customers.

Here are some top benefits:

  1. Promote your promotional campaigns
  2. Advertise your sale offers for example for Christmas, Winter sales etc.
  3. They are helpful to keep the customer updated about new product of your store.
  4. Helps to make a strong relationship with customers.
  5. It shows the care which you do for your potential customers.

Let’s have a look that how newsletters system can be used for store owners? specifically discussing here, PrestaShop as most of the store owners are using PrestaShop ecommerce and they need information about newsletters.

How to send newsletters in PrestaShop?

Capture 2

Newsletters strategy can be implemented in PrestaShop but unfortunately, the default module available in standard version can just organize email ids of subscribers. Lack of email sending option and other advance features are missing in this default plug-in. I have found a good module for newsletter by FME sending which is loaded with advance features like customized newsletter template, subscription monitoring, email server configuration and others that are listed below;

  • Subscribers CSV list management and uploading at the back-end.
  • Manage and Monitor newsletters subscribers
  • Step by Step process for newsletter sending and formatting
  • Categorized subscriber list, newsletter can be send to particular category of subscribers.
  • Responsive template for newsletters
  • History checking for letters

Check front and backend demo to know more detail about newsletter module


Newsletters make it easy to boost up traffic and sales of your store. It needs fewer resources and the benefits are much greater. This initial step is making a list of targeted subscribers and then goes ahead to the successful business.

Why Flash Sales are Important? PrestaShop Ecommerce

Success of sales offers depends on strategy and planning of your advertising campaigns. A poor strategy may lead to insufficient sales and a good planning can work for your offer. It shows that the success of a sale offer depends on marketing strategy which you apply for the offer promotion.

When talking about offer promotion, the key thing is to reach out each and every customer or related person and make sure that the customers will get interested into your sales offer. In other words, you have to popularize your offer in public. Now look for best tips to do the promotion of your offer.

How to Make Your Sale Offer Successful?

One of the best ways to make your sale offers successful is to convince your website visitors about sales offer. Do something unique that can make your website visitors interested in your campaigns.

In today’s blog, we are introducing a new approach to make customers familiar about your offers and that is Flash Sales. Now, let’s check more details about it.

What are Flash Sales and How They Are Affective?

Flash sales are a way to display your offers on your store. This display may be of any type, like popup window display, a banner in the header/footer, floating or static block etc.  All these are traditional tactics but why not go for an advanced system like displaying a catchy banner with a countdown timer, which can be shown at the footer on all pages like on Home Page, Category, CMS, Products, manufacturers and suppliers pages.


How to Add Flash Sales in PrestaShop?

As always, you will need to install a Flash sales plugin to get this functionality, as it is not present by default. Plugins can help you add flash sales on desired location of your website, customize images, and do a lot more with the plenty of features included e.g. PrestaShop countdown timer by FME offers:

  • Flash Sales can be displayed on home page and inner pages at left column
  • For multiple offers, run a slider to show all flash sales
  • When clicked on flash sales, it directs to flash sales offered products.
  • Product combination support
  • Set initial and final date for flash sales
  • Set customized title for flash sales
  • Set discount type for products, fixed or percentage.
  • Custom image support for sales slider
  • Multiple font support, color schemes and layout for flash sales.

Benefits of Flash Sales

Flash sales are a good way to drive heavy traffic to your store, making it possible to get new customers, increase revenue and get future turnover. Promos are always the most effective way to catch the attention of potential clients. The fact is that with flash sales you might be able to provide your customers a new reason to purchase from you! This kind of deal is perfect for raising revenues and to become prepared you to attain true victory in future but keep this thing in mind that your flash sale offer should be exceptional and unique that can catch the customers in their first visit of your store.


Now your customers will no more afraid of missing best deal or sale offer because they you are going to provide them the best way to get in touch with the offers countdown.

6 New PrestaShop Modules in the Market by FMEModules

Blog Image

As you all know that “FMEModules” is a famous company that develops market breaking PrestaShop modules and plug-ins. The company aims to develop those modules that are either un-available in the market or the available ones does not satisfies the customer needs. Targeting the same objective, “FMEModules” has launched 6 new PrestaShop modules in the market. Given below are the short description and feature of these modules:

1.      PrestaShop Product Images By Customers

images upload

This PrestaShop Product Images upload module helps you to permit customers to upload product images on product pages of your store.

Customers Benefits

On uploading the images by the customers, clients will get special discount on purchase of other products.

Merchant Benefits

It is basically a promotional tool for the merchants who can increase traffic and sales on their   store.

Key Features

Here are some key features of this module;

  • Permit clients to upload multiple images on the product pages.
  • Clients can edit or delete the uploaded images from their backend
  • Store Admin can activate or delete the images uploaded by customers.
  • Store Owner can set discounts in the form of fixed amount or percentage.

Read more details, check free DEMO and download now.


2.      PrestaShop Brand Plus


PrestaShop Brand plus Module allows the merchants to show/run manufacturer brand slider on the home, category and product details pages with links.

Customers Benefits

Clients can see the manufacturer of products and filter the products according to their brand.

Merchants Benefits

Merchants can improve the visibility of information of products. When customers find their required information easily, there are more chances of sales.

Key Features

Top feature of this module are:

  • Home page slider shows the manufacturer brand in a catchy slider.
  • Three different themes for slider
  • Enable/Disable functionality for the sliders on category and product pages.
  • Upload a custom logo for supplier brands and resize option from the backend.

Read more details, check free DEMO and download now.


3.      PrestaShop Advance Newsletter


PrestaShop Newsletter module helps the merchants to send newsletter to their subscriber with customized templates. Admin can attach the products of their store in newsletters.

 Customers Benefits

Subscribers can get the latest updates and news of the company in more visible format. Newly introduced produce can be seen in the newsletter.

Merchants Benefits

Customization options and product add feature increase the no. of subscribers of the newsletter and also a good source of promotion of products.

Key Features

Some features of this module are given below;

  • Import list of subscribers and send them newsletters
  • Customized newsletter template option
  • Subscribers management
  • Responsive newsletter templates
  • Configuration option for own mail server

Read more details, check free DEMO and download now.


4.      PrestaShop Bulk Price Update


Bulk price update module helps the e-merchants to update the prices of all of their products in few clicks.

Customers Benefits

Shoppers will take special discounts on events like Christmas, New Year, Summer Sale offers etc. It is due to the fact that merchants may be unable to update the prices in bulk due to shortage of time. In this sense customers can’t get the discount rates for products.

Merchants Benefits

Merchants can save a lot of time on updating prices which they might have to spend on updating prices manually.

Key Features

Here are some of its features;

  • Update prices for the products of a specific category
  • Product Categories visibility in tree form
  • Price Update can be a fixed amount or in percentage
  • Free products prices will be ignored
  • Prices can be increased or decreased

Read more details, check free DEMO and download now.


5.      PrestaShop Flash Sale Pro


Flash Sale Pro module helps the web-merchants to show flash sales on home, category and product pages of the web store with a countdown timer. For example Christmas Sales Offer will be shown as flash sales with a timer.

Customers Benefits

Customers’ remains updated for the discount offers of the store. Specially running timer is quite informative for clients.

Merchants Benefits

Merchants can inform their customers about their sales offer eventually leads to increased sales.

Key Features

Here are some of its features;

  • Flash sales will be shown on the home page and at the left column for other pages
  • Slider Option, when there are multiple flash sales
  • Product combination facility available
  • Set custom labels
  • Upload custom images for flash sales

Read more details, check free DEMO and download now.


6.      PrestaShop Print Labels Pro


Print Labels Pro module helps the merchants to print shipping labels on the products in one click. Thus making it easy to process the orders quickly.

Customers Benefits

Consumers can get their desired product at time i.e. order processing time reduced

Merchants Benefits

Merchants have the facility to save a lot of their time which they might have to spent on manual printing of labels.

Key Features

Here are some of its features;

  • Merchant can print any custom labels.
  • Hide/Show store brand logo on labels
  • Multiple sizes available for labels
  • Merchants can change order states after printing the labels.
  • Used labels can be export to PDF

Read more details, check free DEMO and download now.


Using the above six modules, merchants have a great opportunity to save lot of their time, avoid complexity and bugs in the store code, and finally the increased sales and revenue is the sure benefit.

How To Stand Out in Search Result Using Rich Snippets?

You work quite hard to get secure your website on the initial pages of Google search results pages (SERPs). Still your time and effort are useless if nobody click on the listing to explore your site. Lets learn here some useful tricks by which you can increase your CTR. Rich snippets are an effective way to assist your webpage to get noticed as well as you can outrank your competitors from initial pages.

Snippets – Types and Advantages

There are different types of rich snippets that you could employ, which can make your ranking appear more appealing and enticing as compared to the general snippets.


Useful Resources


Here is the example of different snippets which will make a sense of rich and normal snippets.


Search the following phrase, “getting started with WordPress“on Google to check the snippets.

Rich Snippets 1

As you can observe, some of these listings show only the website link and some basic detail while some other displays extra information. First of all, see there are 2 item listings that display a thumbnail of a video. A couple of other item listings show thumbnail photographs of the publisher, but the other 2 don’t show any specific picture or supported details at all. This shows that the lists with video thumbnails have improved snippets than the others. Obviously, the results that show extra detail in snippets appear more attractive; and also surprisingly bring more clicks by the searchers.

Popular rich snippet types and their appearance

Again, there are many choices to present rich snippets in search results, based on the type of material you are developing. Here are some of the possibilities you may go with:

Video: Videos are hosted and created on YouTube, DailyMotion or on your own site. In either case, while people click on the video clip’s thumbnail given in the snippet, they go to the web page in which the video are hosted.  Video Snippets

Authorship: It is the most in-demand kind of rich snippet, in which marketers and site owners are highly interested. As we discussed, it exhibits the Google profile images of the publishers of that website and Google+ circles. You may also click on the author’s tagline name for more information on who they are and what they do.

authorship snippets

Reviews:  This is the most popular rich snippet for local businesses that show total number of starts associated with your company, along with a link to all its Google review, a link users can follow to add their own reviews, and a direct link to your Google+ page.

rating snippets

Audio: This snippet shows links to audio albums of singers that also connect fans to song downloads YouTube videos, or extra specifics of the musician and its music. The standard for this type of rich snippets changed considerably over time and thus now appears bigger as compared to other snippets types.

music snippets

Events: If a person is searching information and content material about some event, this snippet directly catches their attention. Event information includes organizers name, place and time.

events snippets

All above discussion covered a general overview of snippets and its types. Here the most important point is that e-merchants can get huge advantages of rich snippets in the form of sale and revenue boost-up. So, from now we will discuss snippets particularly for ecommerce platforms and here PrestaShop ecommerce will be discussed in detail.

Rich Snippets for PrestaShop Ecommerce Store

You can also use rich snippets to enhance online sales for particular products on PrestaShop store. You can make your snippets rich by displaying reviews, price and ratings for products pages. Following components can be shown in the snippets.

  • Product name
  • Display breadcrumbs trail
  • Show product detail
  • Display product’s price
  • Display product stock status like active, upcoming etc.
  • Show brand name
  • Display product reviews and rating in the forms of stars

ps snippets

Now we will discuss how to make snippets rich in PrestaShop.

How to make snippets rich in PrestaShop?

Making snippets rich with all above motioned components needs skillful resources. You have to do FTP into the site using the theme and editing the product.tpl file. In this way, you are editing the core files of PrestaShop. To avoid risk of any bug or error in these core files, we are suggesting you a simple plugin which automatically allows you to add above mentioned entities in the snippets.

How to test Your Website snippets?

Start here by checking your snippets in Google Webmaster Tool and decide to make your snippets rich.


Making the use of rich snippets is a good way to increase CTR followed by increase sales and revenue. Have you any question or query about the snippets, and how to make the snippets rich. Let us know by commenting below the article.