How To Stand Out in Search Result Using Rich Snippets?

You work quite hard to get secure your website on the initial pages of Google search results pages (SERPs). Still your time and effort are useless if nobody click on the listing to explore your site. Lets learn here some useful tricks by which you can increase your CTR. Rich snippets are an effective way to assist your webpage to get noticed as well as you can outrank your competitors from initial pages.

Snippets – Types and Advantages

There are different types of rich snippets that you could employ, which can make your ranking appear more appealing and enticing as compared to the general snippets.


Useful Resources


Here is the example of different snippets which will make a sense of rich and normal snippets.


Search the following phrase, “getting started with WordPress“on Google to check the snippets.

Rich Snippets 1

As you can observe, some of these listings show only the website link and some basic detail while some other displays extra information. First of all, see there are 2 item listings that display a thumbnail of a video. A couple of other item listings show thumbnail photographs of the publisher, but the other 2 don’t show any specific picture or supported details at all. This shows that the lists with video thumbnails have improved snippets than the others. Obviously, the results that show extra detail in snippets appear more attractive; and also surprisingly bring more clicks by the searchers.

Popular rich snippet types and their appearance

Again, there are many choices to present rich snippets in search results, based on the type of material you are developing. Here are some of the possibilities you may go with:

Video: Videos are hosted and created on YouTube, DailyMotion or on your own site. In either case, while people click on the video clip’s thumbnail given in the snippet, they go to the web page in which the video are hosted.  Video Snippets

Authorship: It is the most in-demand kind of rich snippet, in which marketers and site owners are highly interested. As we discussed, it exhibits the Google profile images of the publishers of that website and Google+ circles. You may also click on the author’s tagline name for more information on who they are and what they do.

authorship snippets

Reviews:  This is the most popular rich snippet for local businesses that show total number of starts associated with your company, along with a link to all its Google review, a link users can follow to add their own reviews, and a direct link to your Google+ page.

rating snippets

Audio: This snippet shows links to audio albums of singers that also connect fans to song downloads YouTube videos, or extra specifics of the musician and its music. The standard for this type of rich snippets changed considerably over time and thus now appears bigger as compared to other snippets types.

music snippets

Events: If a person is searching information and content material about some event, this snippet directly catches their attention. Event information includes organizers name, place and time.

events snippets

All above discussion covered a general overview of snippets and its types. Here the most important point is that e-merchants can get huge advantages of rich snippets in the form of sale and revenue boost-up. So, from now we will discuss snippets particularly for ecommerce platforms and here PrestaShop ecommerce will be discussed in detail.

Rich Snippets for PrestaShop Ecommerce Store

You can also use rich snippets to enhance online sales for particular products on PrestaShop store. You can make your snippets rich by displaying reviews, price and ratings for products pages. Following components can be shown in the snippets.

  • Product name
  • Display breadcrumbs trail
  • Show product detail
  • Display product’s price
  • Display product stock status like active, upcoming etc.
  • Show brand name
  • Display product reviews and rating in the forms of stars

ps snippets

Now we will discuss how to make snippets rich in PrestaShop.

How to make snippets rich in PrestaShop?

Making snippets rich with all above motioned components needs skillful resources. You have to do FTP into the site using the theme and editing the product.tpl file. In this way, you are editing the core files of PrestaShop. To avoid risk of any bug or error in these core files, we are suggesting you a simple plugin which automatically allows you to add above mentioned entities in the snippets.

How to test Your Website snippets?

Start here by checking your snippets in Google Webmaster Tool and decide to make your snippets rich.


Making the use of rich snippets is a good way to increase CTR followed by increase sales and revenue. Have you any question or query about the snippets, and how to make the snippets rich. Let us know by commenting below the article.


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