How to Use PrestaShop Flash Sales Module by FMEModules? – User Guide

When it comes to sales and promotions, merchants try to implement various types of marketing plans. One of the successful plans used by world’s top stores e.g. Play Station, Belle & Clive, Gilt is flash sales. They have implemented it to get more sales, visitors and customers. Therefore flash sales offers are considered to be most successful in ecommerce.

Following the same concept, in today’s blog I will discuss the use of flash sales offers in ecommerce. I suppose here that you are running a PrestaShop based store and want to start flash sales offers it. This feature is not available by default but can be availed using FME’s countdown extension for PrestaShop ecommerce.

How to Use PrestaShop Flash Sales Module by FMEModules?

This PrestaShop countdown module allows you to setup a flash sales system on your PrestaShop store. According to which, you can start a limited time sale offer on your store e.g. Christmas Sales Offer. You can show a Christmas Sale banner along with a countdown timer at home and category pages of your store. Additionally, you can associate the products with the sale offer. When someone clicks on the flash sales banner, he will be directed to page where all the flash sales’ products can be seen.

Let’s now check the front and backend demo of PrestaShop Countdown Sales Module.

Front End Demo

Flash Sales Banner at Home Page

Flash Sale FrontEnd

Flash Sales Banner at Category Page

Flash Sales Banner 2

Product Association with Flash Sales

Product Association for Flash Sales

Backend Settings Demo

All the basic steps of flash sales are given;

Step 1: Login to the backend of your store.

PrestaShop Bulk Price 1

Step 2:  Go to Modules>Modules and find Flash Sales Pro Module by FMEModules, Click on Configuration.

Flash Sales 3                                                                  

Step 3: From here you can create a new sale offer or edit a existing one. 

Flash Sales 4

Step 4: Either you will create a new offer or edit an existing one, you will see 3 tabs in the next window that are 

  • Add a Flash Sale
  • Large Background Options
  • Custom

Go to the first tab “Add a Flash Sale from where you can set following;

  • Product Association [Select the prodcucts for which you want to offer sales]
  • Combination Settings[Select color and size combination for products]
  • Sale name
  • Status
  • Start/End Date
  • Discount type and value

These can be set as shown in the following figure.

Flash Sales 5

Step 4: Go to the next tab “Large Background Options” from where you can select the flash sale banner and count down timer position.

Flash Sales 6

Step 5: Go to the next tab “Custom” from where you can select the font and color as shown below;

Flash Sales 7

Step 6: After these steps, click on save button, and you will see that a flash sale offer is created at your store front’end.


Flash sales are considered to be the most successful type of promotion offers among the others. The reason behind is that such offers are more attractive and keeps users in touch with the website i.e. countdown timers adds the top functionality in it.


Top 5 Popular Sales Promotions Types in 2015

Launching a news sale offer on your store can’t guarantee the success of that offer but it needs intelligent thinking and better planning to devise a good offer. The most important thing that you have to consider is to choose the right type of offer at right time.


In today’s blog, I will mention the top successful types of sales and promotion and hopefully these will work for the year 2015.

Popular Types of Sales Promotions

Enlisted below the top sales promotions types that are used in all shopping carts and stores like in PrestaShop, Magento, WooCommerce etc.

  1. Flash Sale

It is the most effective type of sales offers used by top e-store like The Clymb, Zulily, BookBub and others. According to this offer planning, merchants can offer sales for a limited time period and customer are allowed to avail that offer only in that time. For added functionality, PrestaShop Countdown Special Price Products FME Module can be used to show flash sale banner on home page and subpages of the web-store. This type of plugin also offers to show a countdown timer with the flash sales banner.

  1. Discount Offers

It is mostly used tactic by the e-merchants to attract new customers which is used specially when merchants launches there new store and offers discounts for an initial starting time. Old stores also used this offer to get more traffic and sales but keep in mind that doesn’t give discount too frequent. Because in this case your discounts will lose the worth in short time. You have to do a market survey that how much discount other competitors are offering.

  1. Buy More Get others free

It is also used by most of the e-merchants where they offer the customers to buy a package of goods and get something other free. For example, purchase 4 shirts and get the 5th shirt free of cost. This is a basic tactic to get more sales.

  1. Loyalty Points

It is also a popular type of promotion tactic according to which purchasing of a product you will get certain points and customers can use these points to purchase other things at discount. Such point system can be seen on PrestaShop Module development store which give away bonus points on purchasing its modules. The more expensive product you buy, you get more points.

  1. Coupon Code Schema

According to coupon code scheme, customers are allowed to use the coupons codes on special events like New Year, Christmas, and Easter etc. Customer can use the coupon code at checkout page of that website. Mostly, coupons give discounts in percentage like 20%off, 30% off etc.


You sales offer have 100% chances of success only you need a better planning to select the type of sale offer that works best for you.

Why Flash Sales are Important? PrestaShop Ecommerce

Success of sales offers depends on strategy and planning of your advertising campaigns. A poor strategy may lead to insufficient sales and a good planning can work for your offer. It shows that the success of a sale offer depends on marketing strategy which you apply for the offer promotion.

When talking about offer promotion, the key thing is to reach out each and every customer or related person and make sure that the customers will get interested into your sales offer. In other words, you have to popularize your offer in public. Now look for best tips to do the promotion of your offer.

How to Make Your Sale Offer Successful?

One of the best ways to make your sale offers successful is to convince your website visitors about sales offer. Do something unique that can make your website visitors interested in your campaigns.

In today’s blog, we are introducing a new approach to make customers familiar about your offers and that is Flash Sales. Now, let’s check more details about it.

What are Flash Sales and How They Are Affective?

Flash sales are a way to display your offers on your store. This display may be of any type, like popup window display, a banner in the header/footer, floating or static block etc.  All these are traditional tactics but why not go for an advanced system like displaying a catchy banner with a countdown timer, which can be shown at the footer on all pages like on Home Page, Category, CMS, Products, manufacturers and suppliers pages.


How to Add Flash Sales in PrestaShop?

As always, you will need to install a Flash sales plugin to get this functionality, as it is not present by default. Plugins can help you add flash sales on desired location of your website, customize images, and do a lot more with the plenty of features included e.g. PrestaShop countdown timer by FME offers:

  • Flash Sales can be displayed on home page and inner pages at left column
  • For multiple offers, run a slider to show all flash sales
  • When clicked on flash sales, it directs to flash sales offered products.
  • Product combination support
  • Set initial and final date for flash sales
  • Set customized title for flash sales
  • Set discount type for products, fixed or percentage.
  • Custom image support for sales slider
  • Multiple font support, color schemes and layout for flash sales.

Benefits of Flash Sales

Flash sales are a good way to drive heavy traffic to your store, making it possible to get new customers, increase revenue and get future turnover. Promos are always the most effective way to catch the attention of potential clients. The fact is that with flash sales you might be able to provide your customers a new reason to purchase from you! This kind of deal is perfect for raising revenues and to become prepared you to attain true victory in future but keep this thing in mind that your flash sale offer should be exceptional and unique that can catch the customers in their first visit of your store.


Now your customers will no more afraid of missing best deal or sale offer because they you are going to provide them the best way to get in touch with the offers countdown.