How Product Description Can Be Elaborated To Satisfy Marketing Needs?


PrestaShop based web store

If you own a PrestaShop based web store and you are selling multiple products on online store then every product on your store requires thorough description to be given to customers so that they may understand relevancy, individuality and uniqueness of every product.  If your web store is having products, which are lookalikes, then the products within same category should have elaboration of features that enables a customer to distinguish between them without any confusion. Although, some characteristics of a product can be judged by its name but sometimes it becomes difficult for a customer to understand the core difference between products, which are identical from functionality point of view.

In order to tackle such issue, a description block can be used to provide elaborative and distinguishing details of any product.  Moreover, product description can help a customer to judge whether the product under citation can satisfy his demands or does not?

Purpose Of Product Description:

If your brand is recognized then a patent customer steps in your web store with an intension to buy product from your store, as your brand is reliable to him. Conversely, a new customer who is in search of a worthwhile product that can satisfy needs. If he visits your web store and finds a product that can satisfy his needs then due to any reason if he is unable to understand the functionalities of your product then descriptive area comprising of Medias such as images, videos & texts needs to be convincing to customer.

Use of Media For Product Description:

The details of product can be described in multiple product tabs, they may comprise of different kinds of Medias such as info-graphical images, demonstrative videos and elaborative text like testimonials, FAQs, reviews about the experiences of customers.

Motive behind Description of Product:

The motive behind product description is to help a customer to about the usefulness of your product so that it can satisfy the necessities of customer. The description of product should comprise of valid points that can convince a customer to purchase your product and making him realize that he is making an intelligent decision.

Tabular Representation of Product:

Ecommerce platform such as PrestaShop provides support for tabular representation of details of product tabs module in PrestaShop based store allows addition of tabs, hence it enhances descriptive ability of product. The biggest advantage of variety of tabs multi tabs is that it provides comfort level to customer whether he like to get informed about product by using testimonials, FAQs, videos etc.

What Amount Of Details Should Be Provided?

It should be taken care that the details provided about the product should be in a controlled and adjusted manner. The details of product should not be is meager amount that it may be lacking any medium that can elaborate important feature of the product. It should be also taken care that details of the product should not be blindly provided with abundance of data that involves any kind of technical experty that can confuse a customer due to information overloading. Therefore, only that kind of information should be available to customer that is relevant, precise, within the context of product and help him in making a wise decision.

Appropriate Way For Better Ranking In SERPs:

It should be taken care that the description of product is not stuffed with keywords excessively just to get high ranking in SERPs. Only those practices should be adopted that makes your product interactive and friendly to human & search engine as well.